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Dr Martin Goulding - “DeerManagement.co.uk promote recognised professionals and best management principles by recommending only qualified deer managers. Deer Management groups are beginning to take on responsibility for managing wild boar populations and the promotion of best practice for boar management can only be encouraged.”  

Dr Martin Goulding

* Guidance Only - Minimum calibre to be used against wild boar is the .270 Win.  

* Muzzle energy of 2,700ft/lb, but it is recommended that a calibre of no less than    7mm with a bullet of 160 grains-plus should be used.

* Any rifle used for Wild Boar must be specifically conditioned by the firearms    licensing department of your local police force.

"It will be interesting to see if the boar population grows in the UK like it has in Sweden. Our boar population started with escaped boar in the late 70's. The Swedish Ministry of agriculture say that in the next five years we will have to cull 200,000 just to keep boar under control. I look at the UK with its better climate, agriculture and bunny hugging mentality and think you 'aint seen nothing yet!" - Jagare, July 2009.

“We do not encourage or promote the culling of Wild Boar. It is merely our intention to raise awareness and where Wild Boar require management we aim to promote best management principles”. DeerManagement.co.uk

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Shooting Wild Boar is likely to be one of the main methods of controlling their numbers in areas where that is desirable, or for dealing with individual problem animals.

- The Deer Initiative.

The Deer Initiative