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Deer Management & Stalking BASC


DeerManagement.co.uk aim to promote deer welfare and best management principles, recommending recognised professionals. Deer are a highly regarded animal but they do require management. With no natural predators in the UK their numbers have increased dramatically. Aside from culling the few limitation on population growth are starvation, disease and the highly publicised problem of deer / vehicle collisions. We provide a duel purpose site;

Management - Firstly DeerManagement.co.uk provide landowners, farmers, estates managers, foresters and country gardeners with access to insured and certificated Deer Managers within their county / region. Currently if people are experiencing difficulty or problems with deer they are forced to shop around for a suitable person to employee. Usually Deer Management services are free however in problematic areas or areas where difficulty is being experienced by high numbers of deer it may be necessary to pay for the service.

Stalking - Deer Managers may be able to provide a free management service due to the growing popularity of commissioned Stalking and the subsequent sale of venison. Deer require managing and as such Stalking has become a necessary and popular sport raising over £100 million towards the Scottish economy last year alone. Deer Stalking can be arranged through all of our regions - please select the region of choice and contact your local deer manager, costs may vary. If you are unable to locate a Deer Manager in your area of choice then please don’t hesitate to contact us direct at info@deermanagement.co.uk and we will be more than happy to put you in touch with one of our professional clients.

The Earl of Dalhousie - “Deer are noble beasts to be treated with respect, but they do need management. Where they are not managed, they can become pests in the eyes of foresters, farmers, gardeners and motorists. This is not the deer's fault; it is man’s fault for lack of management”.